Inmate Letters


Letter from B. W. D.

Clemens Unit

Brazoria, Texas


       February 23, 2005

       Dear Mr. Arnold,

       Sir, I want to say that Toastmasters is a blessing. I do enjoy it very much. It is encouraging to know that as a Christian I can be free to be a Christian in Toastmasters. I believe that I have grown in confidence, especially before an audience.

     I personally have gained a lot, because I have put my heart into achieving. I’m on my 9th speech, whereas most are only on their 3rd or 4th, and I started months later than anyone else.

     I want to encourage you to continue the race. I would never have dreamed of anything like this in prison. Toastmasters is a good, no, a great thing, and unless you see it from the inside with your own eyes, you will never know just how much of a blessing this really is. And I don’t mean when we perform, but once it is all over and we walk away with a sense of accomplishment from a life of struggles.

     I do thank you very much sir. Mostly, I thank God for you and your dedication.