Inmate Letters

Letter from Lavor S.

Central Unit

Sugar Land, Texas

      Dear Sir,

     I am presently a member of Gavel Club 94 under the care of Mr. Arnold and Darren O. on Central Unit. The reason that I am writing is just to express how thankful I am for the opportunity to participate in Toastmasters. I have not been in Toastmasters that long, but already I have learned to think on my feet when asked table topics and I’ve had the opportunity to meet and communicate with people that I would not thought of approachable because of my insecurity about people I do not know. Honestly, I would like to be a better communicator with people in general. I would like to own my own business when I get back into society. I know leadership, communication and discipline are key elements to success in business. Every opportunity I get I try to talk to someone about Toastmasters and because of you’ll I am able to do this and because of this I thank you’ll for supporting Mr. Arnold because this program builds confidence and character in a lot of these brothers. You can see it constantly in the way that they speak and for that I am thankful.