Inmate Letters

Letter from Moises L. Jr.

Central Unit

Sugar Land, Texas

      February 24, 2005

      Dear Mr. Arnold,

    I am writing to thank you for bringing Toastmasters Gavel Clubs to the prison system, especially our unit. I attended the weekly meetings until I became a member of Gavel Club #94 recently.

     I am extremely impressed with the way the program teaches and promotes skills that can be used in all areas of life, not just making speeches. It inspires me to become a more effective communicator and to want changes that I know I need to make within myself. I intend to use these skills that I have learned in different ways: 1.) in changing and modifying poor behavior and communication skills. 2.) to improve the quality of my song writing and poems. 3.) to help others who also suffer from the same kind of poor communication skills that I possess; as well as several others.

      I truly owe you and the Toastmasters program my deepest gratitude for helping me to see the need to change. It has given me a sense of hope that I had lost many years ago. Now I feel as if I have the chance to make something of myself and do something productive with my life. I honestly feel that, as a result of Toastmasters, I can live a life without the need of returning to crime. Every chance I get I will tell other inmates of the hope and the sense of peace I get from this wonderful program.