Letter from Toby D. P.

Clemens Unit

Brazoria, Texas


February 14, 2005

Dear Mr. Arnold,
Greetings fellow brother in Christ! Fellow child of “El Elyon” the Most High God. Our Father God who sits in heaven, looks down and says, “Everything is in my hand. All circumstances are under control”.

This letter is to thank you for being you; your volunteering to make Toastmasters happen here, your help and advice, and most importantly your unselfishness in showing the love of Christ, to all of us. I speak not only for myself, but also on behalf of all the men (and women) that have been touched by your graciousness. If not for you, and your time, I know that hundreds of people would not only; be worse off but also countless thousands of others effected by them. As the first Vice-President of Education for Clemens’ Ambassadors I Gavel Club, I have seen first hand how you helping me—helps others. I have encouraged friends to join Toastmasters and have seen them shine. Like me, they too see potential in themselves. If not for you I would still be stuttering, shy, withdrawn—unable (because of ignorance) to communicate effectively, no desire to listen and learn due to failure and such, no idea whatsoever of who I could be. You have really helped me to see in me and others that we all have a special talent, a special place in this world, that we can do wonderful things—we can bloom where we are planted!

I believe Toastmasters has opened doors for me that are obviously God’s will for me.

Not only have you applied your time and energy to Toastmasters but you have also gone the extra mile(s) for me and others. You are to us like a dad! Thank you sir! You have given us love and encouragement when no one else had. That is so important for a man in prison—you lead by example—you show us what integrity and honesty are. I will commit to tithing my time to two things—one to promote the need for outside Toastmasters in prison—and to give myself as you do to the prisons in the areas I will be in. I feel this service work will not only help others but help me as well. Thank you Mr. Arnold. You have been a blessing to me and so many others. Please don’t ever let “men” defer you from doing his work (Isaiah 51:7). We only need please our Father. Until next time, God bless you and yours always! Sold out for Christ!

 In Jesus Name