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Get Involved with Skills For Life Prison Ministry 


If you understand the fundamental necessity of servant leadership and good communication skills and have a heart for prison ministry, then this is the place to start. If you are already a member of Toastmasters, you are motivated because you know what Toastmasters has done for you and others in your club. Be aware that you will have to be a member of Toastmasters to obtain the proper perspective on how the program works and to obtain the necessary materials. The steps to getting involved are as follows:

1. Present the idea of starting a Toastmasters club in prison by talking to the chaplain or warden who would oversee the program.  They in turn will discuss it with the inmates to determine the level of interest.

2. If the interest is there, download the demonstration video from our website or DVD. The DVD is preferable because it contains a menu which segments the various aspects of the meeting, thereby saving time and eliminating the possibility of boredom by having to watch an hour and twenty minute tape.

3. Contact Toastmasters International about setting up either a Toastmasters club or a Gavel club.  The choice will be determined by the amount of funds available. Some chaplaincies might have funds available to cover the cost  or you might have to find an outside source.

4. Check our website periodically for talks presented by inmates that you would want to download and share with your club.

5. Send us your inmate’s talks to put on our website.

6. For any questions about this program, contact us through our website or email to [email protected] / [email protected]. We welcome  suggestions that might help make this ministry more useful.

7. One of the problems inmates have is a lack of adequate reading material. Check with the prison to determine the sufficiency of the library.  Part of your ministry could be providing additional books such as “The Leaders Code” by Donovan Campbell.