Letter from Jason L.

Clemens Unit

Brazoria, Texas

     Bismillah, Salamu Alaykum

     I am writing you this letter out of the appreciation that I have for you, for helping us in Toastmasters. You have presented us with a program that has benefited everyone that has been a part of it. Toastmasters has given me the courage to speak what is on my mind, but in such a fashion that the audience is not confused or offended, but is understanding to my viewpoints. When I first started Toastmasters, I was a somewhat shy individual and I didn’t have the patience and respect to hear out someone else’s ideals. But being in Toastmasters has boosted my esteem and self-confidence in speaking to others. It has also taught me that by listening to someone’s speech and giving them constructive criticism and the encouragement to improve, is very important in helping people get through their problems and becoming better individuals.

     I also want to thank you for all the time you have spent helping us. For I know that you could be doing anything else instead of helping a bunch of criminals. A lot of people want us to get out of prison and do the right thing but they never lift a finger in helping us re-enter society with something that gives us an alternative to going back to the streets. You are one of the few who is helping us get out of this place and staying out. Believe me, your efforts in helping us is not futile in the least, but has most definitely helped us better ourselves. So, I would like to thank you for helping me, and also the other Toastmasters, by making Toastmasters available to me and others. May Allah bless you and be pleased with you.

Salamu Alaykum,

Your fellow Toastmaster